Custom tours to the land of your faith.

( & Turkey, Greece, Jordan, Egypt )

We are a full-service tour agency responsible for all your logistics from your local departure to Israel, arrival in the land, transportation, itinerary and accommodations, to your safe return home.

Yosher Tours is proud to provide you with unique tours to the land of Israel. The founders' collective experience in tourism, travel, and event planning make Yosher Tours a company that will best fit you and your community with the highest quality of customer service, creative and impacting itineraries, tour customization, strong connections to the land at competitive prices. Yosher is the Hebrew word for “integrity,” and we are committed to upholding the highest level of integrity as we serve our valued customers. We are a full-service tour agency responsible for all the logistics of your local departure to Israel, arrival in the land, itinerary and accommodations, transportation, and your safe return home.

As a part of our vision for connecting you to Israel in a truly remarkable way, we are happy to announce our strong partnership with Sar-El Tours & Conferences who will serve as your land agent. They will assist in making your experience more impacting through their on-site interaction and personal touch, deep understanding of the Land and local ministries, and their excellent reputation in the market.

Travel with Yosher Tours and Experience the land of your faith, the land of your fathers.

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Meet the Team

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    Jonathan Moore

    CEO of Yosher Tours and lead pastor of a congregation in Jerusalem, Jonathan is also a father to four with his wife Simcha. He has over a decade of experience in Israeli tourism as an operator and manager of tours.
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    Ariel Birnbaum

    Tour Manager
    As an Israeli son of a pastor in the Tel Aviv area, Ariel naturally loved the Lands of the Bible and became an expert licensed tour guide. Ariel then got his degree in Classic History & Biblical Studies adding expertise in several Jerusalem sites. After moving to America with his wife he became a father to a beautful girl and began working as a Tour Manager with Yosher. Ariel has over a decade of experience in Israeli tourism from several aspects.
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    Sherry Moore

    President of Yosher Tours and wife to a congregational leader for many years, Sherry founded Yosher over a decade ago and through personal service and integrity grown the company 20-fold solely through word of mouth!

Why Choose Us

  • 1Stellar reputation for top-notch customer service
  • 2Over 40 years of combined experience in Bible Lands tourism, travel, and event programming
  • 3Fully customizable itineraries and experiences relevant to your community
  • 4Excellent connections with media production in Israel for your use developed over 20 years
  • 5Access to the Israeli ministries and an array of local speakers to enhance your experience and deepen your connection
  • 6Excellent business relationship with the best accommodations at extremely competitive prices
  • 7Excellent tour guides and drivers through our strong partnerships