7 Churches of Revelation Turkey Tour 2024

Jay McCarlMay 13 – 25, 2024

Join us as we explore Turkey.

  • Price per person $3,905
  • A non-refundable deposit of $300 per person is required for registration
  • Click here to view and download the itinerary for Turkey.
  • The price does not include flights.

For further questions, please send an email to info@yoshertours.com.

Day 1: Monday, May 13: Depart USA

Day 2: Tuesday, May 14: Istanbul: Arrive and transfer to your hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Wednesday, May 15: Istanbul: Hippodrome, Egyptian Obelisk, Church of St Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapı Palace, The Grand Bazaar. Special dinner served at a local restaurant. Overnight in Istanbul

Day 4: Thursday, May 16: Istanbul: The Chora Museum, Egyptian Spice Market. Private Boat Cruise on the Bosphorus. Disembark and return to your hotel for dinner & overnight

Day 5: Friday, May 17: Cappadocia Morning flight to Cappadocia & Çavuşin village. Dinner & overnight at your hotel

Day 6: Saturday, May 18: Cappadocia (Göreme and Paşabağ open air museums, Uchisar, Guvercinlik Valleys, Avanos Village), optional Balloon flight. Dinner & overnight in Cappadocia

Day 7: Sunday, May 19: Psidian Antioch (Sultanhan, Psidian Antioch). Dinner & overnight in Esparta

Day 8: Monday, May 20: Colossae, Laodicea, Hierapolis, Pamukkale. Dinner & overnight at your hotel

Day 9: Tuesday, May 21: Philadelphia, Sardis (Artemis Temple, Roman Imperial Hall), Smyrna. Dinner & overnight at your hotel

Day 10: Wednesday, May 22: Ephesus: Temple of Artemis, Celsus Library, Terrace Mansions, Basilica of St. John. Dinner & overnight at your hotel

Day 11: Thursday, May 23: Pergamum (Zeus Altar, Temple of Emperor Trajan, the Hellenistic theatre, Library site), Thyatira. Assos for dinner and overnight

Day 12: Friday, May 24: “Roman Road” (from Assos to Troas), Alexandria Troas, Troy. Those going on the Greece Extension will change buses, those not going to Greece transfer to Istanbul and overnight

Day 13: Saturday, May 25: Flight home

Itinerary subject to change

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